Payroll documentation

Payroll Time Entry

Created specifically for use with Spectrum, Payroll Time Entry is the most efficient way for supervisors in the field to handle payroll and equipment time entry from wherever they are working.

Be aware that doing this makes your computer less secure. If necessary, you can change the gross distribution amount or the current-year total amount of the pension that the employee received.

Use these windows to view state and local tax information that will be printed on the main W-2 statement and supporting W-2 statements for the employee.

USPS - Uniform Staff Payroll System

In the Period Name column, review and rename the periods, as needed. Mark the Allow entry of attendance type and reason in Payroll option to link attendance type and reason codes to payroll transactions in the Payroll Transaction Entry window. In the Confirmation window, click Finish.

Check the Last Year-end Update date. Open the Employee Archive window. For instance, an employee has Completed all pay runs for the year. The default file name is W2Report, without an extension.

If the change is permanent, such as an address change, you also will need to change the employee record. If there are a lot of employees stored in Matchcode W Payroll Correction Runyou carry out this step as a background job in the same way that you carried out the Start Payroll step.

Select the sorting order for the R statements: If desired, you can obtain a detailed payroll log. See a list of employees or equipment with a total of all hours assigned during the selected period. To ensure there was no interruption to nine-month faculty health benefits from June-Augustthe Benefits Office double deducted health insurance premiums from March-May Select a job and then enter employee or equipment hours, review period summaries, and manage the job by adding employees, equipment, or adjusting hours.

Payroll Documentation & Recordkeeping

Payroll Time Entry helps you track and manage job costs in real time with more accuracy. Mark All to print W-2 statements for every employee or enter a starting and ending employee ID to print statements for a select group of employees.

In most cases you can accept the default location. Enter the company name, and select the appropriate company address ID. To ensure that your file is valid, you must enter an e-mail address. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each company to include in the EFW2 file.

If you know the amount of the distribution that is taxable, enter that amount. This seminar will address: Emportant has customers starting with 10 employees and even going upto 10, employees and more. More more information, see Year-end resources.

Mark the information to archive. To create the Year-end Wage file: Wide-Continuous Select this option to print your form or report in a continuous form, with one copy of the form or report for each page printed.

If necessary, you can set the status of the payroll to Check Payroll Results during this phase. To print W-2 forms and reports: Choose OK to save the information and close the window. When Releasing the Payroll Run specify for which payroll area the payroll should be run.

Open the Year-end Wage Report window:. Additional Pay - How To Assemble Non-Pre-work or Add'l Pay Request ; Prepare Add'l Pay or Transform Pre-work ; Create an Individual Request (Non-Pre-work).

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As we work to improve these services, we are developing a plan to upgrade our website to be consistent with standards required for ADA compliance. State-Specific Payroll Documentation Retention Most states abide by the payroll document retention guidelines provided by the DOL and other federal agencies.

However a few states — California, New York, Illinois, and Washington — have enacted legislation that affects what payroll records to keep and how long to keep payroll records. Mandatory for All Employees I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification Form.

The purpose of the I-9 form is to document that each new employee is authorized to work in the United States. Roughneck has been a leader in Oil & Gas Accounting Software solutions for over 40 years.

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Payroll documentation
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