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Applied Nursing Research, 19, It is imperative to understand that the dynamic relationship between the concepts takes place all at once. Within nursing the concept of self-management seems to encompass not only different coping strategies but also health-promotive actions, interaction with healthcare providers, adherence to treatment, monitoring health status, making care decisions, and management of the impact of the illness on health [ 77 ].

He explains change equals loss, equals grief, equals growth. While reviewing the findings from papers, books, and dissertations, a drawing was made to get an overview of relationships between the concepts and the way or order they fit in. As time went on and Terry slowly showed progress, I began to engage his father in intentional dialog.

Values, ideas, and context surfaced and cohered into a meaningful whole. The theory of attentively embracing story was birthed. However, in the nine years since the inception of story theory, advancements have been made in ways to analyze the data in studies that are testing this theory.

Communication Caring is an interpersonal process and builds the rapport between nurse and patient. Difficult finances were another issue.

It may be used in varying degrees, as a stand-alone nursing intervention or as an adjunct to other types of medical or nursing care. He became more self aware of his behavior pattern, moving toward resolving his pain.

Patterns surface as the storyteller explains the meaning of important experiences. Intervention studies on nursing in hypertension care have been performed and show that consultation training can give nurses a structure for the consultations [ 48 ] and that nurses can be more patient-centred in their counselling [ 47 ].

Within the medical model, self-care has been defined as self-care in illness, compliance with therapeutic regimens, and active participation in rehabilitative activities.

Attentively Embracing Story: a middle-range theory with practice and research implications

In studies high social network score is associated with lower systolic and diastolic blood pressure for both sexes [ 36 ]. View at Google Scholar L. The participants use the articles to make a collage and use the collage to engage in intentional dialogue about their health story.

The historical background was the problem of noncompliance with medication and growing knowledge about the beliefs that people hold about their medication and about medicines in general. A person with generalised resistance-resources such as money, good self-strength, cultural stability, and social support can manage to make stressors understandable, that is, have a feeling of coherence.

Story theory has been found to be generalizable as it can be adapted for use in many settings and time frames. Advancing the nursing profession.

Middle Range Theory Essay Sample

Flow can be illustrated in the grief process. This makes the theory broadly applicable. Autonomy Autonomy is defined as self-government; that is, people are autonomous to the extent to which they are able to control their own lives [ 17 ]. He maintains his stance to preserve his autonomy.

The main ideas of the theory are nurse, client storytellerhealth challenge, and story. A conceptual framework has been developed for classifying varieties of interpersonal intervention between nurse and patient [ 45 ]. We are the stories we tell.

International Journal of Hypertension

The theory of attentively embracing story / Mary Jane Smith and Patricia Liehr Evaluation of middle range theories for the discipline of nursing / Marlaine C. Smith. Similar Items. As not much in the form of research and guidelines for nurses is available, a middle-range theory of nursing in hypertension care was developed to guide nurses in their practice, in order to improve the nursing of patients and design studies for investigating nursing in hypertension care.

“Attentively embracing story: a middle-range. This idea is central to the middle range theory of attentively embracing story. 5 The ideas of middle range theory are simple yet general and are more than mere empirical generalizations.

In keeping with the views of Merton. The theories covered in the book are, Theories of Uncertainty in Illness, The Theory of Self-Efficacy, The Theory of Unpleasant Symptoms, The Theory of Family Stress and Adaptation, The Theory of Community Empowerment, The Theory of Meaning, The Theory of Self-Transcendence, and The Theory of Attentively Embracing Story.

Middle Range Theory for Nursing is a textbook designed for theory and research courses in master's and doctoral programs. The Theory of Attentively Embracing Story. Evaluation of Middle Range Theories for the Discipline Other editions - View all.

Middle Range Theory for Nursing, Second Edition: Second Edition Patricia R. Liehr PhD 4/5(1). This paper describes the middle-range theory of attentively embracing story. Attentively embracing story is connecting with self-in-relation through intentional dialogue to create ease.

The theory emerged in the context of the neomodernist and simultaneity paradigms as the authors shared situations.

Middle Range Theory Essay Sample Middle range theory of attentively embracing
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A Proposed Middle-Range Theory of Nursing in Hypertension Care