Harald grosskopf synthesist re-synthesist

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The label is described as "concerned with autonomous anomalies produced by musicians working within and outside the limits of technology to create intimate art. Watch the interview with Harald by Stefan Erbe: Read the report here in German.

Art It was my first year in Berlin. When the course has ended, Gianluca had two albums with his name on them and a great curriculum that shows his huge talent: The mix of maturity, amusement and musical skills reflects Gianluca's personality. Enter your email address. For the next 20 minutes he unspools a fantasy tableaux of warped, grainy harmonics and warbling sonic oddity, smudging samples of autistic children in a Swiss community with the sounds of the docks in Hull, where he lived, to forge a practically unprecedented alternate dimension of atonal, arrhythmic immersion that genuinely feel like a transmission from the other side, much in the best way of music from Aphex Twin thru to Broadcast or NWW.

The temperamental analog synthesizer and sequencing technology created a long learning curve eventually resulting in a harmonious union of man and machine. Casey, m focus groups: Ecological, private, interpersonal, conceptual, and methodological approaches.

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Harald Grosskopf - Synthesist (+Re-synthesist) Synthesist 1 Harald Grosskopf – So Weit, So Gut 2 Harald Grosskopf – B. Aldrian 3 Harald Grosskopf – Emphasis.

Harald Grosskopf (or Harald Großkopf) is a German electronic musician. He played with several Krautrock and progressive rock bands of the s in Germany, in addition to releasing solo material. Regular Shop Hours tues - sat sun Store Front 1/2 N.

Figueroa St. Los Angeles, CA Phone Harald Grosskopf's legacy is faithfully handled on a set of stellar remixes, the best of which appear in CFCF's dreamy remake of 'B. Aldrian', JD Twitch's.

Synthesist / Re-Synthesist by Harald Grosskopf. Taverns (Jackpot Copy Paste Mix) by Historics. Terminal by Holly Herndon. Terrazzo feat. Motion Graphics by Visible Cloaks: The Drift by Maximillion Dunbar.

Harald Grosskopf - Synthesist CD

3 chartings. The Drift (bonus track) by Maxmillion Dunbar. The Figurine (Nod mix). Harald Grosskopf has been the first drummer and percussionist in the world of electronic music who performed with sequencers, Synthesist LP Reissue & V/A Re-Synthesist CD. Comments.

Harald Grosskopf

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Harald grosskopf synthesist re-synthesist
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